Our training corresponds to the reality of your next projects: partly theoretical, they are essentially focused on practice.
Our trainers are professional applicators, who have been confronted for many years with the specifics of different projects.Our training team is registered DataDock, and certified with training organizations; you get a refund from your respective OPCA.

DMR Concept has chosen to train professional applicators in real-world construction situations, and not in a training centre with pre-established surfaces free of difficulty.

By training in the field, you discover the solutions to the real problems of the construction sites for which you will be in charge later.
No surface or case is forgotten: our theoretical and practical teaching is set out in a booklet that we give to each applicator, in which are listed all the situations that you could be confronted with, our technical data sheets, our recommendations etc ?

You receive a professional education, both theoretical and practical, adapted to your activity.
Are you interested? Plan training on your next site by contacting us.


  • Mineral resin Unikofloor®
  • Mineral resin Unikoquartz®
  • Minera resin Unikofloor® HT Hammam
  • Minera resin Unikofloor® HT
  • Unikometal